After renovation, I plan to buy a Dyson, for its size and power, look and convenience.

The price in HK is crazy, but I read an article in a forum and learnt that the price in is much lower, even including the shipping.  So I checked, and ordered a set.

The one I choose is the V6 Absolute.

V6 absolute is a model with HEPA filter, which greatly reduce the dirt that being sucked into the machine and going back to the house.

And I choose a Home Kit, Car Kit and a Matress head.  All together including shipping is about 490 euro, roughly 3 to 4 thousands saving.

I was using Electrolux Cyclone model, extremely powerful but like any other traditional Vac cleaner, its big.  I understand if I change to Dyson V6, a hand held wireless model, the power must be compromised.  But a test on the new matress, I think the power of the dyson is better then I anticipated.

To conclude, great deal!

Oh my god, The matress was new!!  why there is so many dirt sucked out of it?!

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