I quit Home Theatre a year ago to free some space for the rack.  My plan was to focus on Stereo, believing that good stereo could compensate the missing 3.1 channels.  Of course, I was wrong.

No matter how good your stereo is, it can not replace a mid price AV amp and the other 4 speakers.

After moving back to my home when renovation is done, I bought this Marantz NR1606.  It is the samllest proper av amp in the market.  I thought the sound will be inferior to my old Pioneer, but I was wrong.  The sound is great!!  And I hook up a pair of front height spk (no I cannot accept atmos ceiling spk), and a pair of surround spk, with the pre-out connected to my stereo, the sound is awesome!  The sound efffect is very very good.

What a surprise.  If you wish to find a small av amp, dont want to spend too much or occupy too much space in the living room, this is your answer.

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