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This is my first time supporting a Kickstart project.  It is cheap, and it is funny to look at.  But the selling point is the cemaric conical burr used in this little manual grinder.   I ordered(supported) a few months ago, and it arrived before x'mas.  I immediately tried once.  The result in cup is very promising!  The taste is very bold and I like it a lot.  BUT, the plastic body is not doing a good job in holding the burr mechanism.  It flexes.  And the grind action therefore was not that smooth.  Another BUT, it grinds very fast!  a few turns will be enough to grind my 14grams, which is obviously faster than my Lido 2.


I recommend this little grinder to all coffee lovers, trust me, it makes very tasty coffee.


The user manual is printed on the packing

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The steel handle is quite well made

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The handle fits into the nut on top of the body, (which is in fact a axial connected to the burr inside the body), not a very tight bonding, but will do the job

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A closer look at the inside.  You pull up the upper part of the body and pour in the coffee beans into the bean chamber, push the upper body back, and fix the handle onto the nut, then you grind

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The bean chamber and the ceramic burr

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At the bottom, you remove the lower body, you see the bottom of the burr.  you turn the grey wheel to tune the burr

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this is how it turn

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put it at the edge of the table, you can start grinding

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The grinds are collected into the lower body and you can pour the grind directly to the portafilter, or like me, pour it in a glass first.  The grind is quite even.

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Great taste in the cup!

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