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I have used the La Pavoni Europiccola for quite a while, I think I am capable top make consistence coffee out of it.

But the real test is using an open bottom portafilter to make the coffee.  If  I did anything wrong, the open bottom portafilter will let me know clearly.

Finally, I decided to buy this bottomless protafilter (recommeded by John)


Expensive?  Yes.  Very expensive.

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But since I don't wanna cut the original portafilter, so I have to spend more to buy one extra.

The finishing is excellent.  This also serves as a two spout portafilter, all you have to do is to screw back the bottom plate and double spouts.

Result, a few shots tell me the distribution of grinds require correction and that's it, making delicious coffee is even more easier than before.

Not a must for goods coffee, but recommended.


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