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After getting the Sennheiser IE80 in ear at an amazing price, I started to observe the special offer in the same on line shop.

The one that caught my attention is the 4xx euro  Sennheiser HD700, after deducting the VAT and adding the shipping cost, the price is only 3xxx HKD!!


The same model is still selling 7k in HK!


The HD700 has different reviews in the internet, I am not quite sure if this is exactly what I want.  But judging from the sound of the IE80, buying Sennheiser is always a safe investment.

One of the character, according to the comments in the internet, is that the HD700 is more forward and lean compare to dark sounding 650.  But the soundatge is not as wide as the HD800, the flagship.  To conclude, the HD700 is something in between, old and new, striking a balance.

To be frank, for what I have on hand, I should choose something darker and thicker.  But the offer is too attractive to ignore.  My plan is, wait for the price drop on HD650, and get the HD700 now.

About 1 week from ordering, the HD700 arrived my home.  Beautiful packing, so far the best in my collection.

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From the pictures in the internet, I am of the impression that the HD700 is large and very plastic.  On hand, the HD700 is very solid and nicely built!  And it is not large at all, instead, I found it very compact and strong.  The high quality plastic is the key to this solid feel.

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On my head, it is very very comfortable, even it is brand new out of the box for 1 minute.  The weigh is perfect, and the head band is having adequate power to hold it on your head without making you feel sick.  Good stuff.


The sound, via Burson Soloist, is good but not "wow".  Maybe I am expecting too much.  Funny, it sounds quite similar to my Denon 5000!  The forward character I mean.  In details, in smoothness and in soundstage, it better the Denon, no doubt.  But they are very similar in character.  I expect more run-in will widen the gap between these two, and I am of the view that the HD700 should be a bit more authoritative.

The bass is not something I would call impressive.  Upper bass is punchy, but I hear no deep diving bass.  Frankly, I expected a more sophisticated sound.  Maybe its too new.  Let me come back for this a few weeks later.

The most unsatisfactory about the HD700 is the leakage of sound is very very serious.  When I was testing the HD700, my son who is sitting across the living room, 12' away from me, heard clearly what I was listening and complained I was playing the music too loud.  If you intend to use a headphone to minimise the effect to your family, frankly the hd700 is not for you.  It is almost as loud as my Tannoy Turnberry speakers.

Is this a negative review?  Far from it.  I love this sennheiser house sound, in a more forward way to present music.  In all aspects, the headphone performs flawlessly.  At under 4k HKD, it is awesome!!!  And I am sure after proper run in, the sound would be more relax and hopefully the bass could be better.


Get one while you still can!






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