A second grinder for office use

I have a set of coffee machine in office, but the hand grinder is killing me (for espresso).  So I bought a second grinder for office use.  I dont want to spend too muuch on a second grinder, maybe around 3k, so the choice limited to Vario and Mignon.  Both are very well received machines, but the vario, judging from the reviews and comments in forums, seems a better choice as it has lesser retention and great for sungle dose usage.  I ordered the machine from an Italian online shop, and the machine arrived shortly.



The silent operation

The machine is simple and easy to use, the construction quality is a million miles from the Mazzer I used at home, but it is smaller and lighter, and much more quieter than the Mazzer.....just hope it is as reliable as the Mazzer.  As expected, the excellent retention performance impresses me right away,  I can almost get 100% of bean grind into even sized fuffy grounds.  I am happy with the performance.


To conclude, its a lovely little grinder.


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