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The Next step......

I have sucessfully acquired a GXR M mount module.  Now I can choose a M lense.


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Which One should I choose?

The first I have to decide is whether I go for the classic old lenses or the new high tech products.  Same logic that I choose modern Tannoy speaker, I go for the new Leica lenses route.  And two focal length, namely, 50mm and 35mm interested me.  50 is my first ever SLR lense's focal length, 35 is the icon of Leica.  For a very long time research, I decided to go for the Summicron 50 APO ASPH.  

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I didn't choose the 35 Summilux.........



Why ?

I choose the 50AA for two reasons.

First, as I said, I am comfortable with this focal length, eventhough on GXR, it will times 1.5 as 75mm but this is only temporary.  (eventually, I will go for full film M body)  Secondly, according to my research, this is the finest and most HQ lense Leica ever made, if I could only own one Leica Lense, I must choose the best.


Then, I have one 50 AA


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Big box for such a small lense......


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 photo image_zpsisbjlpmb.jpeg


 photo image_zpsa4mlsdad.jpeg


 photo image_zpskrypkn93.jpeg


 photo image_zpsijuoncso.jpeg


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The lense was made like a piece of jewery, I am impressed!

Is it really good?

I took some pictures and I am very happy about the result:


(With Leica T)




With Ricoh GXR:




 photo R1014309_zps24szptws.jpg

These are some testing photos only, but still I am impressed by the details and color. And the Ricoh is not bad at all.  I think I have found my Ultimate lense.  But on a APS-C camera, the 1.5x focal length (75mm) is rather difficult to use, maybe I should get a wider lense for the GXR system before I go for the FF Leica......


To be cont'd 











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